Jacky Phaengtho, artist

In 1977, I was born in the North-East of Thailand and was named Jakthon (Jacky) Phaengtho. Even as a child, I realized my artistic ability. I loved to draw seeing the world with what I later learned was called an artist’s eye. At first, I was captivated by Nature and the fact that it surrounded me all through my childhood. It seemed only natural for me to focus on capturing its beauty and wonder. About the age of fifteen I began to develop my own, unique style, moving onto more contemporary themes. I grew into a deeper appreciation of Nature with all its forms and complexities. In my twenties, I began to realize that creating art had become a major part of life. Becoming more complete when depicting interior and external images, yes, that was my career goal. Working with other art students and joining several Thai and international artists also aided me. By helping many artist friends to exhibit their art work, I learned to create art shows. Soon I came to appreciate the other side of art, which was marketing and I understood that an artist not only creates but must exhibit and promote. So now, it was the time to show the world my paintings - paintings that are bursting with action and color. The varieties of my subject matter are a fresh look at the world through young eyes that are always clearly open. I worked most of my life to become the artist I am today.

I have displayed my work at my own studio/galleries for ten years. The Art Jacky Gallery in Bangkok/Hua Hin, Thailand was a complete success for me. My artwork has moved permanently to America and is mostly abstract. I have developed my fine art through years of creativity, and this contributes greatly to a sense of art awareness within a greater world community. East does meet West.

Selected Exhibitions:

2020: The Plaza Art Show Downtown Palm Springs, CA, USA

2019: Art Jacky Sudio, Palm Springs, CA, USA

2018: Palm Springs VillageFest , CA, USA

2017: Desert Legal Aid Palm Springs, CA, USA

2016: Serious Food & Drink Restaurant Palm Springs, CA, USA

2015: 1st Gallery Rancho Mirage, CA, USA

2014: Art Jacky Gallery Hua Hin, Thailand

2014: Java Jazz & Wine Bistro, Hua Hin Village Market Thailand

2013: Evason Hotel Hua Hin, Thailand

2012: Artist Village Hua Hin, Thailand

2011: Art Jacky Gallery Hua Hin, Thailand

2011: The Pikture Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2011: Baan Sillapin Hua Hin, Thailand

2010: The Art Jacky Gallery, Hua Hin,Thailand

2010: Cicada Hua Hin, Thailand

2010: Little Choice Bistro Hua Hin, Thailand

2009: The Plankton Art Gallery Bangkok, Thailand

2009: Dick’s Café Bangkok, Thailand

2008: Artery Gallery Bangkok, Thailand

2008: The Pikture Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2007: Richard’s Café, Bangkok, Thailand

2007: River City Bangkok, Thailand

2007: Morakot Naksin Gallery, Bangkok Thailand

2006: JJ Gallery Bangkok, Thailand

Paintings by Jacky Phaengtho

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Windows Into Time

Gem Cuts

Contemporary Impressionism

Abstract On Canvas

Triptych Framed

Abstract On Canvas

Abstract Triptych Framed

Buddha On Canvas


Business Ladies

Abstract Paingtings

Landscape Paintings


Black & White Painting

Small Painting Monks

Painting and Frame

Buddha On Handmade Paper

Small Paintings Landscape

Jungle Paper

Abastract Musicians

Bangkok Chinatown

Jazz Musicians

Abstract Musicians

Spring Time

Space Line


Spring Flowers


44 Orchids


Asian Stlye

Small Abstracts



Sea Shell